Small Permaculture Project Planning

I thought that I would share a plan outline for a small Permaculture project (<1/3 acre/0.1ha)

Simple. Few Species. Clear intent.


  1. Articulate Goals – Goal Articulation ; Summary Exercise only ; Simple goals. (1-2 hrs)
  2. Base Mapping. (16 hrs)
  3. Analyze and Assess Site – Simple, quick, sketchy ; Three bubble diagrams and simple summary ; Existing & desired species analysis. (4-8 hrs)
  4. Design Concept – A few options. (1-2 hrs)
  5. Schematic Design – Few options & iterations.  Single instant succession to a horizon. (4-8 hrs)
  6. Detailed Design – Small number of species and guilds. (4-6 hrs)
  7. Patch Design – Four or five patches of low to moderate complexity, with some repetition. (4-10 hrs)

Total time to spend on planning and design : 4-7 days.

Remember…design is intention.

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