A Half day and a Full Anxiety

Today was the first harvest day of the week. Mondays are our largest CSA pick up day and it was thunder storming this weekend. Rob, being the ever so weather conscious boss of ours decided to give us half the day off after the harvest was done. After purple potatoes, onions, tri-basil bunches, arugula, green cabbage, baby kale, and collards, the rest of the day was ours!

I took advantage and continued to read a copy of The Name of the Wind that was gifted to me by the other intern. I usually do not read fiction yet I enjoyed the break and my imagination was let out in a nice new world.

I also took time after our chicken and rainbow mashed potatoes lunch to continue a Permaculture Site Survey I have been working on at Sun One Farms. I am currently modeling the Survey on the Scales of Permanence laid out by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, which has been built upon the original by P.A. Yeomans.

I have gathered substantial data on landform and soils on the property, so I figured I would take a crack at climate. One thing is for sure: the NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) National Climate Data Center is technical. It is very technical.

The point of the exercise is to record patterns of variation and location elements. Patterns of Variation are temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, and precipitation. Location elements are latitude, terrain, altitude, and nearby water bodies and currents.

My goal is to grab the relevant data from the NCDC and create graphs and discuss the relevance to a Permaculture project. Yet the website turned out to be a lot to take in at once.

Perhaps I will need to dive in on another half day after more familiarity with the NCDC web page.

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