55 Maddox Road – Bethlehem, CT

Maddox Road is the first place I began to do Site Analysis and Assessment.  It is a place I spent two months at the summer of 2013 and then a full season during 2014.  About halfway into July of 2014 I realized I should be doing some sort of permaculture work on site even if it didn’t include design or implementation.   My goal was to take the Scale of Permanence that is outlined in Edible Forest Gardens Vol. 2 and exhaust all of the bullet points regarding the site.  More or less I was able to complete the A&A which provided a good example of what an A&A could look like fully fleshed out.  It took me from mid-July to early November to complete the first draft.

Open-Source Design

An ongoing love of mine is using Open-Source graphic design software when possible to create my visual media.  The ethic of open-source is ultimately what I want to support.  I have seen amazing progress in software like GIMP and Inkscape since I first began using them years ago.  With the accessibility of the software, any designer with access to the source files of site designs can alter aspects of it to share with other designers collaborating on the same project.  Collaborating on projects can be democratized by open source and provide a clean map for many designers to draw on, print, and take notes in the field.

I aim for my portfolio to reflect the power of open-source software as well.  There are some things that Adobe products can do better, and I will opt for those when appropriate.  For the most part I would like to keep most of my work in open-source.


Howard Street – Westfield, MA

Where I live currently and for the foreseeable future while I finish my graphic design degree.  This site is where I’ve attempted to do more site survey work.  The site is fairly small and I was able to measure out the entire place to draw a basemap.  The basemap was created in LibreCAD and was finished off in Inkscape for refinement.  Overall I was happy with the result but it is still not as professional looking as I want it to be.  There is only minimal design work that can be done here, the property by and large is determined by my parents.  However, they have given me certain spots to experiment with guilds and vegetables.

Brookline Ave – Westfield, MA

I recently reconnected with a friend from high school who was living Westfield again after working a few stints at some farms in Massachusetts.  He found permaculture independently from me which makes our shared interest that much better.  He has access to a site on Brookline Ave and has already drawn up a design and implemented some aspects of it.  This site is a perfect attempt at working in groups and working with others to get some stuff done!  Here I will continue to refine the basemapping method I do with LibreCAD.  I also want to begin instituting some of more site-specific data collection on this site for more robust site A&A.  I will also begin another site A&A here to further refine what I began at 55 Maddox Road.


Autodidact Academy

Enrollment begins soon.

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